Rob’s Dictionary

If you are new to the blog then you should know that I often use certain phrases over and over again. In fact sometimes I use them so much I wear them out. Some I’ve created and others I’ve picked up from along the way. The following are definitions of some of my most often used terms so that you can understand my writings…

Boom Sauce – it’s my version of Amen. It’s when someone says something profound. Especially used when talking about Jesus.

Do me a solid – I heard my brother say this once and it made me laugh out loud. I think it means do me a favor. I’m not sure where it originated but I use it often because I think it’s funny.

Drawz – underwear.

Fat Clue – I use this term when I don’t understand something. For example “I don’t have a fat clue about why guys have nips.”

Gag Nasty – really gross. Could apply to smells, tastes, and or songs/movies/tv shows.

Hulk Out – a person who loses their cool and becomes angry. The term is inspired by the Incredibly Hulk and was first referenced when my kids were newborns. They would turn purple and scream for no reason. I’d often refer to this as “Hulking out.”

Jack hole – someone who upsets me.  This is most often used while I’m driving a vehicle. This is not a term that I like to say, but I do say it when someone cuts me off in traffic. It’s the first part of a particular cuss word minus the cuss word plus the second part of a different cuss word minus the cuss word. It’s my way of getting around cussing. I’m not perfect.

LGN Diet – LGN stands for Look Good Naked. I primarily refer to this when referencing my engagement period to Monica. I was on a diet and I was the skinniest I’ve ever been to prep for our honeymoon.

Lip smacking good – this is what you do when you eat something amazing. It’s so good your lips smack together after you take a bite.

Man Meat – this is what I call all meat. It sounds inappropriate to some but it’s simply a reference to the fact that most men love to eat meat.

Melt My Face Off – this simply means that a band that I like rocked. I often use it after I’ve seen a band in concert or listened to a new song.

Might Could – I didn’t know this was not a universal term until I met some friends from the North. They thought it was a really weird phrase. It means that I may or may not do something. I have the potential but it’s not a home run. I often use it when I’m afraid to tell someone no because I want them to like me. I am a recovering people pleaser. For example if someone says “will you take care of my cat this weekend?” I would say, “I might could do that. Let me check with my wife and see if she’s still deathly allergic to cats.”

Nips – short for the two round, pointless, things that are on guys chests. The word nipple is borderline offensive. I understand why when talking about females but I don’t understand when talking about guys. So in an attempt not offend I often refer to them as nips.

Sick Nasty – this is when something is beyond amazing. For example “that bite of my Chipotle burrito was sick nasty!” Oh and it’s a good thing.

Slap Your Mamma – this is never, and I repeat never, to be taken literally. You should always love your mamma. This phrase simply means that a food item was amazing. For example “that Buffalo Chicken Dip was slap  your mamma good.”

Slap Tired – this simply means really, really tired. Like so tired I am about to fall into a coma.

Stinketh – this is the King James Version of the word stink. If you ever read the King James Version of the Bible they add eth to a lot of words.

Tickle Fight – this is never to be taken literally. I say it because the thought of two grown ups having a tickle fight is funny to me.