Cast of Characters

  • Rob – that’s me. I’m really bad with grammar, but I love writing. I will try to not make grammar mistakes, but if you read this blog before my wife does, their is a grate chance ewe will sea a mistake or to. Kidding. My life is an open book. I’m pretty transparent. I’m also random. Thus the tag line of this blog – random thoughts from a transparent pastor.  Oh yeah, I am a pastor. I love movies, the Lakers, and Chipotle.
  • Monica – that’s my wife. She is great with grammar and tells me daily about the mistakes I make on the blog. Thank God for her. No, go ahead and do it. She’s awesome. We met in college and after one week of dating I broke up with her. A year later God showed me the error of my ways and we started dating. Two months later and we were engaged. That was ten years ago. Oh yeah, she is a teacher. She loves sparkling vampires, reading books, and going to the beach.
  • Reese and Hayden – they are my twins. Reese is the girl and Hayden is the boy. No, they are not identical. I think in order to be identical they have to be the same sex. For six years we tried to get pregnant but were unsuccessful. After spending lots of time praying and seeking advice, we went to the Jones Institute and received fertility treatments through IVF. God blessed us with a two for one special. We paid for one, but are very thankful for two. Oh yeah, they are babies. They love laughing, sleeping, and watching fans spin.
Family Mustache 2012