It’s Tricky To Rock A Failure

Being human is tricky.

It’s also tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time.

If you know that song lyric your experience in the 80’s was glorious. I digress.

Dealing with emotions is tricky. It’s especially difficult when managing our emotions through success and failure.

When we fail the temptation is to blame others. When we succeed the temptation is to take all the credit.

What’s interesting is that success is rarely achieved alone and failure is up to each individual.

Failure is a perception.

Every set back, mistake, and hardship can bring growth when given to God. Failure is the curriculum for learning and God is the teacher.

I do not believe that simply going through a hard time ensures God’s blessing is coming.

God’s blessing may be the lessons learned in difficulties.

When we wallow in self pity or blame others we miss an opportunity to learn.

I do not believe that every set back is because the Devil knows something great is coming. The Devil is not omniscient. He can’t predict the future. He is not God.

The passive mindset of blaming something for difficulties and then waiting for a miracle misses an opportunity to learn.

In the Scriptures, Joseph didn’t succeed at every set back because he knew he was one day going to become second in command of Egypt. He became second in command because he was faithful in every set back to God.

When you feel like a failure look to God to learn what you can do differently. There are nutrients to failing, but you have to digest them.

God is faithful and uses all things for the good of those who love Him.

When you fail look to God to see what you can learn.

When you succeed look to God to see who you should thank.

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Rob Shepherd

I am the full-time husband of a wonderful woman! I love being married! We are proud parents to twins, Hayden and Reese. In my spare time I am the pastor of Next Level Church. I have a relationship with God and it is an adventure. Oh and I wrote a book. It's called Even If You Were Perfect Someone Would Crucify You.

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