The following is a word for word account of a conversation I had with my son. Keep in mind he’s three.

Hayden: Boobies.

Rob: Um…what did you say?

Hayden: Boobies.

Rob: (Stunned silence)

Hayden: (Pointing to the TV) Dad, I want to show you boobies.

Now you need to know that my son is at an age where he knows a lot of words but at the same time he says a lot of words that are toddler speak. There are been a few times that we were pretty sure he dropped an F bomb but knew he’s never heard the F bomb. Now, we don’t cuss.

We do occasionally drop a substitute curse word like “son of a mustache,” “oh my gosh,” and “crap.” We try to not even use those around the kids. I write all of that so you will understand that when our kids say a word that sounds like an F bomb it is never ever the F bomb. He can’t say the letter s with words yet so words like snuck sound a lot like F bomb. I digress.

Back to the boobies.

The first time he said it I was sure that he was saying another word that just sounded exactly like boobies. But when he said, “Dad, I want to show you boobies” my heart stopped. What the what.

The average boy sees pornography for the first time at the age of 9. I worked with teenagers for years and know that most teens have seen a lot more than their parents know about. I’ve told myself that I will have the talk with my son around the age of 9. I don’t want to but I have to. It’s my responsibility as his dad.

But 3!!!!

And not 3 for a long time. He turned 3 on March 30th. He’s barely 3. Kids these days.

So right as he said, “Dad, I want to show you boobies” he pointed to the tv and Lucy from Despicable Me 2 said, “Boobies!” I rewound it to find the full context.

Now, we watch this movie a lot. They love it. I’ve seen it at least a half dozen times and have never picked up on this scene. After rewinding the scene I see it in context.

Gru: It’s a restaurant.
Lucy: You never know what kind of booby traps this guy could have set.
Gru: Huh? Come on. There are no booby traps.
Lucy: Ha! Booby! (Pointing to a ringing bell that Gru trips.)

Ah, booby traps.

Thank God for booby traps. I’ll have the talk with my son, but please give me a few more years.

Did your parents have the talk with you? Have you seen Despicable Me 2? 

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Rob Shepherd

I am the full-time husband of a wonderful woman! I love being married! We are proud parents to twins, Hayden and Reese. In my spare time I am the pastor of Next Level Church. I have a relationship with God and it is an adventure. Oh and I wrote a book. It's called Even If You Were Perfect Someone Would Crucify You.

  • Maybe you can have the talk with me, I still have a lot to learn.

  • Cyndy

    To funny! Toddler talk is so much fun! My parents did not have the talk with me, but we will have talks with our girls. I think it is important for them to get the talk from both parents as we all have different perspectives to offer.

    We love Despicable Me 2! Our daughter calls it tada because the minions say that. I have never even noticed booby in the movie; it takes a child to make you notice the little things!

    • Cyndy, I really like Despicable Me 2, but some how had not registered that scene.

  • shepherdmim

    Nope to both. As parents, we explained things if our kids initiated interest or asked a question, but were not nearly as deliberate as I would be if it were today.

  • jebatthebeach

    No & no. I ditto Mim’s reply.
    The other night while I was hangin’ with the twins I received a text, when it sounded again since I don’t look at it right away, Reese exclaimed, “OH MY GOD!” with hands up as she looked at my phone. I KNOW she’s never heard that from ya’ll or me.

    • JJ, we have heard her say “Oh my gosh,” but never “Oh my God.” I don’t know where she picked that up from.

      • Amy

        I had that issue with Gavin Goodnite. All of a sudden one day out of the blue he just started saying “Oh my God!” Well I knew he had not heard it from the Williams House & not his parents. So I asked Carissa and she told me that she had heard one of the little girls in his class say it. (Dirty rotten sinner! ) So I say all of this because perhaps it was one of the other little ones in the 2&3 year old class.

        • Amy, So you are saying, “The Devil didn’t make her do it?” I kid, I kid.

  • Joseph M.

    That would have made me laugh, well Trenton the other day told me he was going to punch me in the face after he hulk smashed me, so, at least you did not feel like your life was in danger. Well, maybe…depending on who heard it at the time.

    Miss you guys. Hope all is well. Maybe sometime we can catch up.

    • Joseph, thanks so much for the comment. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well with you!

  • No, I have not seen Despicable Me or the second one. My parents never discussed sex with me. We raised cattle when I was a kid. One night after supper my dad said we were going to watch the cattle. Our bull loped up to a cow, sniffed her tale. Evidently she was in heat. He mounted her and did his business. He finished and moved on. My dad then drove us back down to the house. That’s the closest we ever came to talking about anything.

    • Larry, I don’t know if that’s brilliant or not. I’m tempted to try that one out. Now I just need some cows to show my son.