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minddump2012My brain is constipated with random thoughts. It’s time to free up some space with another Mind Dump…

  • So Easter was Sunday. Easter is awesome! Easter is awesome but I feel like it’s having a little bit of an identity crisis. Easter, you are not Christmas. You will never be Christmas. Instead of feeling jealous because opening presents is way cooler than opening eggs just embrace it for what it is. Stop trying to force gifts on us. Kids Easter baskets used to contain some candy. That was exciting. You have Cadburry Eggs for crying out loud. Now a days I see Easter baskets with presents in them. Toys! Blu Rays! What the what?!!!
  • Christmas is magical. Santa is magical. Sitting on Santa’s lap means you get to tell him what you want for Christmas. Stop it with the Easter bunny. What are we supposed to tell the bunny when we sit on his lap? Granted I am too old to sit on his lap, but what are my kids supposed to say to him? He is supposed to hide eggs for us to find. Unless he starts giving clues to where these eggs are hidden then there is no point to sit on his lap.
  • My kids cried sitting on Santa’s lap. The Easter Bunny is way creepier. Have you seen the pics of the first Easter Bunnies?
  • scary easter bunnyHow are those kids not screaming? That is scarier than any horror movie Hollywood makes.
  • One of the things that makes Easter not as exciting is there are no great Easter songs. There are tons of Christmas songs. There are also no feel good Easter movies. Christmas has a whole section of amazing movies. Easter has the Passion of the Christ. That is an amazing movie but it’s kind of…how should I say this…not one that you can watch with the kiddos. What’s the Easter equivalent of Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, or Die Hard?
  • So my point is that Easter needs to embrace what it is. A special holiday that has it’s own unique traditions. It’s not Christmas. As long as you keep trying to copy Christmas you are going to come off as an insecure holiday. You be you, Easter. You. Be. You.
  • Now for Christians Easter is more exciting than Christmas. As I was typing this post I could feel some Christians developing their comment to tell me that Easter is better than Christmas. It is when we are talking about a religious celebration.
  • I totally agree that churches should celebrate Easter more than Christmas. Both are amazing but Easter is the Grand Poobah of our faith. Easter is all about the greatest comeback in the history of comebacks. Jesus is alive! Whooo!
  • Needtobreathe released their newest album last Tuesday. It’s called Rivers in the Wasteland and it’s glorious. I love this album! I love all Needtobreathe albums! This one did not disappoint. My favorite songs so far are Rise Again, Difference Maker, Where the Money Is, and The Heart.
  • Tuesday was also tax day.
  • I tweeted the following to my wife. “@Monicashepherd, girl your the whole package plus you pay your taxes.”
  • She replied,”@robshep That made me laugh. If only you used the correct homophone, you’d have really got me going! Ha!”
  • To which I replied, “@Monicashepherd, girl you’re the whole package plus you pay your taxes.
  • I heard that lyric from a B.o.B. song. It made me laugh because it was tax day.
  • I feel like I live in two very different worlds. There is the online/blogger/Twitter world and the real world. The online world seems to be very connected. They seem to get worked up about the same issues. They seem to get passionate about the same stuff.
  • I get off my computer expecting the real world to be just as worked up and the vast majority of my real world friends don’t have a fat clue what the online world is doing.
  • Last week I had three conversations that proved this. Someone who sponsors multiple kids through World Vision didn’t have a fat clue about all the drama that went on a few weeks ago. A friend of mine said he was a big fan of a pastor who has recently gotten into some trouble for paying to get his book on the New York Times best seller list. I assumed he knew about the controversy. It was all over the Internet. Nope. Same thing happened when a guy told me he went through the home schooling program of a leader who has recently been in a lot of trouble. He didn’t know about that.
  • So here is my question. For people that do not get online a lot how do they get their information? You probably won’t know because you are online. Ask someone who isn’t. I’m curious.
  • This has to be rigged. It’s the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant in the history of Wheel of Fortune contestants.

Whew…I feel better now

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Rob Shepherd

I am the full-time husband of a wonderful woman! I love being married! We are proud parents to twins, Hayden and Reese. In my spare time I am the pastor of Next Level Church. I have a relationship with God and it is an adventure. Oh and I wrote a book. It's called Even If You Were Perfect Someone Would Crucify You.

  • Shay

    Whew! And so you should feel better. It’s not healthy to keep that kinda stuff bottled up in your head lol. Just to restate, yesterday ROCKED! Next Level has definitely got it goin on!

    Oh…and I say, give me Easter anyday over Christmas. I mean, I know you’ve got to have one to have the other, and I love them both. But Easter is the zenith if you will of holidays!

  • That “Easter Bunny” photo is super creepy. Yikes.

  • Gayle

    Man, that bunny pic freaked me out! I bet those kids needed therapy after that visit!

    I hope your first Easter in your new church was awesome! Are you always going to have a 9:30 and 11:00 service? I would love to come back and visit again.

  • Cas


    Easter service was amazing!
    Appreciate all the hard work volunteers did, and how bout that staff at NLC?!
    AWESOME! I know I keep saying this but thanks for your faithfulness, and answering the call, your obedience is contagious! and i need examples like that in my life.
    Exicted to see what is next for NLC.

  • DP

    Indiana might need to kick that kid out. Talk about giving your school a bad name.

  • shepherdmim

    Christmas and Easter are each unique. Hard to top either immaculate conception or resurrection. I get news by watching the news–and I do not mean the opinion pieces or the late night comedy versions. Still hard to sort out because journalism has its own slant and priorities, even in presenting facts. Knowing the philosophical base of those reporting the news helps. I don’t bother with the online regurgitation of opinions.

  • jebatthebeach

    I watch the local news and GMA.
    How did that guy get into college?

  • Melissa

    This post really hit home with me. I was having a conversation with another parent at a birthday party on Saturday and she was telling me how she had spent 4 1/2 hours shopping on Friday……FOR EASTER! Her kids had wish lists and she had run herself ragged trying to get her shopping in while they were at school on Friday. I have no desire to “keep up with the Jones” – it makes me sad honestly. Easter is such an amazing time…but that’s lost because it has become Christmas part 2. As a parent, I feel for the future of our children… So much STUFF….how can we hope to raise children who are concerned with the needs of others and not wrapped up in the material things of this world if we use every holiday as an excuse to buy them more gifts? I’m no perfect parent for sure. My kids have way more than they need – but I am working to pay much more attention to the STUFF in our lives. Wish we could create a “movement” of this among parents. I think we’d be glad we did when this generation is all grown up.

    • Melissa, no doubt. We gave our kids a few simple cheap things in their baskets and they loved it. We did an egg hunt and they really loved it!

  • Robin Friend

    Okay, the Wheel of Fortune incident really made me mad! If it wasn’t rigged just for show, then it was a total injustice. Who cares if he mispronounced the word!? The your, you’re thing gets me every time. My ocd really kicks in. It’s bad, second only to there, their, they’re. I’d love to see you do a piece about the origins of Santa and the Easter Bunny. A lot of FB posts yesterday angry about the secular vs. Christian holidays. People get their news from television and the newspaper still. Hard to believe they live such a sheltered life! 😉

    • Robin, people just like to be mad. I think separating Christian vs. secular is part of the problem. This world is God’s and all that belongs in it. Sure some things are evil but let’s not make everything that doesn’t fit into the “Christian bubble” from the devil. That’s my take on it. As for Santa we take our kids to see him but we tell them that their presents are from us. We just don’t want to lie to our kids, but still love all the Christmas fluff.

  • Marie Hansler

    it was an amazing experience. you all did a wonderful job

  • Laura Spiers

    I was so excited to see all the cars and NL folks with their tshirts walking all along Hampton Highway yesterday when I got back from the other cool church in the 757. Congrats!

  • Mike Moonis

    Ok! I have seven children and I get college propaganda in my mail box every day. If I ever receive a recruiting pamphlet from Indiana University. I don’t care how good their basketball program is …. I’m trashing it ASAP!

  • Lauren Cory

    Need help exploring a group that I know practically nothing about and own none of their songs. What are your top 5 all-time favorite NeedToBreathe songs?

    • Lauren, Something Beautiful, More Time, White Fences, Difference Maker, Rise Again, Where the Money Is, Outsiders, Devil’s Been Talkin’, Signature of the Divine, Let us Love, Washed By The Water, and Keep Your Eyes Open. I couldn’t narrow it down to five. They are a band that you need to listen to whole albums at a time. They are also a band that you will love after you see them live. I love all of their albums but if you are looking for one to start with I’d start with The Reckoning or Rivers In The Wasteland.

      • Lauren Cory

        Thanks! I will check them out!

  • No great Easter songs????? Dude, you’re just not old enough!

    • Jeff, what do you have? They definitely aren’t on par with Classic Christmas songs. I can’t think of one Easter album out there. Christmas has it’s own music section.

      • Well, I won’t argue with you, there. But Keith Green’s “Easter Song” is pretty awesome. Then there’s “Rise Again,” by Dallas Holm, “He’s Alive,” by Don Francisco. But, like I said . . . this is all “old stuff.” Don Francisco also has a good one about one of the thieves hung next to Jesus, called “Too Small A Price.” Not exactly Easter, but same time frame.

        • Jeff, no doubt. There are some great Jesus Easter songs!

  • So, it makes me wonder how big a deal the World Vision thing really was, since most people really don’t seem to know about it. Which, in turn, makes me realize that this virtual world we are part of magnifies things way bigger than they really are.

    • Larry, YES! It really does. It’s like Fox News and everything is Breaking Freak Out News when in reality only a few things are.