Avengers Week: Hulk Out

The Avengers opens in theaters on Friday! Can you dig it?!! I’m out of my mind excited. So excited that I’m dedicating a whole week to Avengers inspired posts.

Typically speaking it’s not a good thing to Hulk out. I wonder though if God has actually wired us to do so?

One of my favorite superheroes is the Incredible Hulk. I’ve liked him since I was a kid. I used to watch reruns of the live action TV show. I remember renting episodes on VHS and devouring them as a kid. I’m really excited to see him in the Avengers because they’ve promised that they are going to make up for the two Hulk movies with the Hulk in the Avengers.

The interesting thing about the Hulk is that he’s not your typical superhero. His alter-ego searches for a cure so that he won’t turn into the Hulk, the military is out to capture him, and if he’s not pointed in the right direction he can do a lot of damage.

The thing that I love about the Hulk is that he’s misunderstood. For the most part his anger, or Hulking out, is used for good. I think that all of us have an inner Hulk that God wants to use for good.

“In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. Ephesians 4:26-27.

In your anger do not sin. Now there are also verses that tell us to get rid of anger. Either the Bible contradicts itself or there is another answer.

I think that anger is a God ordained emotion. Jesus Hulked out and tossed temple tables because He didn’t like what He saw in the synagogue. God gets angry mutliple times in the Bible and yet God is without sin.

So the question is what’s the difference between our Hulk out and God’s?

Maybe a better question is how can we Hulk out more like God?

The problem with our Hulking out is that it’s selfish. We Hulk out when we don’t get our way. If a waiter is bad we HULK SMASH the table and declare that we won’t leave a good tip. When someone doesn’t invite us to something we Hulk out and make them feel guilty. While playing video games that don’t go our way I may or may not have Hulked out. To this day there is a tooth bite into my Nintendo controller from where I got so angry that I bit my controller. I bit it. I Hulked out. Oh and don’t get me started about traffic. I get angry in traffic and you won’t like me when I’m angry.

Now when God Hulks out it’s about things that matter to God. God is the main idea of everything. I think that when we align our emotions with God we have permission to Hulk out in a way that is not sin.

When we see the “least of these” we should Hulk out and help them. When we see injustice we should Hulk out and help them. When we see something that doesn’t honor God we should Hulk out and do something.

One time I was with Stu Hodges and we were leaving Starbucks. As we were walking out he noticed a car parked in front of the store. It was running. There was a child, that was not strapped in, climbing from the back of the car to the front. Stu Hulked out. He went back into the store and declared, “whose car is this running in front of Starbucks.” He then let them know that it was not safe to leave a car running with a child in the car. That kid could have put the car into drive and created a new way to do a drive thru. He could have hurt himself or orthers. I respeced Stu a lot for that Hulk out. It was right. He didn’t sin. He didn’t cuss out the lady. He simply passed the

test. Have you seen this show. You can read a great blog about it here.  The point is that some things deserve a Hulk out. To not Hulk out would be a sign of being apathetic. We need to learn to Hulk out about the things that God cares about. Then, like the Hulk, we can do a lot of good with our anger.

What is something that makes you Hulk out? Did you watch the Hulk TV show? How do you feel about the Hulk’s purple pants?

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Rob Shepherd

I am the full-time husband of a wonderful woman! I love being married! We are proud parents to twins, Hayden and Reese. In my spare time I am the pastor of Next Level Church. I have a relationship with God and it is an adventure. Oh and I wrote a book. It's called Even If You Were Perfect Someone Would Crucify You.

  • I watched the Hulk TV show when it was originally on TV. Never understood the purplrle pants. And what if he had always been gray instead of green?

    • Rob

      Larry, today they have all different colors of Hulk. Red Hulk, Grey Hulk, and I think I even saw a smart Hulk.

  • I used to Hulk out as a fan at basketball games. Then I realized I was embarrassing my wife, and if that was happening, there can be no doubt how i was causing God to hide His eyes and shake His head. I do get upset over mistreatment of others, especially kids. I used to watch the TV show with Bixby/Ferrigno religiously (maybe more than I read my Bible).

    • Rob

      Bill, I hear ya on that. It’s easy to Hulk out at sports.

  • An overdose of gamma radiation? Really? O.K., so maybe I cannot get into the whole “Hulk” thing because of the premise of how the mutation actually took place. Also, why is Dr. Banner fully articulate but the Hulk can do no more than grunt and scratch? Well there is one good thing about the Hulk, he is green and green is my favorite color.

    As for me, I have not Hulked out in some time. Surprising given the laboratory environment where I work.

    • Rob

      Daniel, wait. What? I thought the Hulk was a documentary. You should check your facts. This same thing could happen to you if you are not careful.

  • Randal

    I watched the live-action TV show, the Spiderman/Incredible Hulk Action Hour cartoon, and read the comics as a kid. I had anger issues so watching/reading about a character who could use his anger issues constructively gave a confused kid a bit of hope.

    My Hulk-outs used to be destructive, but I’ve learned way to control and focus them to be constructive. Took a long time to get to that point. Traffic can still get to me as well as the hate that some people spew.

    Super stoked for the Avengers!

    • Rob

      Randal, I still have a VHS copy of Spiderman and His Amazing Friends and the Hulk from the action hour. It was a great cartoon. Are you going to see the Avengers this weekend?

      • Randal

        Oh yes! That is the plan! Might even talk my wife into the midnight showing!

  • shepherdmim

    A memorable “Hulk Out” for me was with a destructive, irregular person who maliciously attempted to cause division within our family. I had experienced the poisonous venom this person had spewed out within my core family growing up, and took a firm, protective stand against the same patterns when they were launched against my children. I was calm and controlled, but drew a line of defense that not only stopped the aggressor but caused her to retreat. It is not easy for me to be an avenger, but there are times it would be wrong not to take a stand.

    • Rob

      Mim, very true.

  • For the record, I really liked the second Hulk movie that starred Edward Norton. I was bummed they couldn’t get him for The Avengers, but I guess I’ll settle for Mark Ruffalo.

    I watched the TV show too when I was a kid. That Lou Ferrigno. So hot right now. Lou Ferrigno.

    Can’t WAIT till Friday!!!

    • Rob

      Kevin, I liked parts of the first Hulk (the tank scene) and most of the second one. But the movies have picked up on the fact that neither movie was perfect. This Hulk is supposed to be the one the fans have been wanting to see.

  • Personally, I feel like Hulk’s purple pants are a little more revealing than need be. At the same time, I feel like purple pants would make “Hulking out” a lot more feasible for the rest of us. On my way to get a pair right now.

    • Rob

      Stephen, let me know how that works out for you. Funny comment.

  • Dude, haven’t you heard, they have delayed the release until June 9th.


    • Rob

      Joseph, funny man. Hey when are we going to catch up and get that lunch?

  • I plan to see it too.

    • Rob

      Joseph, nice. This weekend?

      • I plan on it, I would like to see it the midnight opening.

  • Ed

    What makes me Hulk out is the lady at Wendy’s at 5 pm who is (once again) just not satisfied with her order and makes sure to announce the fact to everyone in the dining room just how inept the whole service is…

    I’m like “Lady…if you don’t like the service, then why do you keep coming back????”

    • Rob

      Ed, very true. It’s fast food so you can only expect that type of service.

  • Charlie

    Oh My Dog!!! The Hulk is MY HERO!!! No matter how angry he got, he always raged against the “bad guys” but still saved the “good guy.” Usually it was a pretty girl, but I saw him save a good guy or two as well. He wore a lot of corduroy & denim. The cartoon translated that as purple…IDK what THAT was about. I watched Bill Bixby/ Lou Ferrigno series, the cartoon Hulk, the Spiderman & friends w/ The Hulk, the 1st HULK movie (awful!!!), the 2nd Hulk movie (SO Much better). The Avengers, hope it lives up to my expectations where the Hulk character is concerned. I was REALLY disappointed in the 1st movie. I grew up wanting the Hulk to carry me off to safety, not that I was ever in danger, but it was a romantic idea. King Kong was my other hero. I seemed to relate to the misunderstood monsters. I felt that they got a bad rap & that was unfair & I wanted to defend them. I LOVE that the Incredible Hulk is really just a scrawny geek, until you piss him off. Geek is shiek & geeks will get the girl and rule the world! This is my favorite post so far. I Hulk Out when my plan for the day gets altered and I have to recompute, but its an area I recognize & I’m working on myself to react better, faster.(That’s a different super hero)

    • Charlie

      Oh! And another thing, One Size Fits All Incredible Hulks, none of this “I get bigger & bigger, the more angry I get”, Crud!!!–that was me Hulking Out.

      When I was 4, I told my Mom I was turning into the Incredible Hulk & then showed her that my thumb was turning green… I think I needed antibiotics for that. 🙂

    • Rob

      Charlie, thanks for sharing. I too was disappointed with the first movie. Although I did like the tank scene. I can’t wait to see the Hulk in the Avengers!

  • So, Rob, if I understand the paradigm you’re presenting, then God totally “Hulked out” on sin at the cross, right?


    • Rob

      Chad, you might could say that.

  • I “hulk out” when it comes to gossip. It’s so stinkin’ destructive and too many people brush it off as a minor thing.

    I never watched hulk as a kid.

    I didn’t know that the Hulk’s pants were purple…I would have guessed blue. But that’s because I am color blind.

    • Rob

      Eric, I learn knew things about you every time you comment. You don’t like sugary cereals and you can’t see colors. Fascinating.

  • I’ve definitely hulled out before about bad service at restaurants. I pride myself in strategically written complaint emails that are witty and thorough. But really, my anger simply shows that I’m selfish about my dining experience not going my way. Gotta work on that!

    Anyhow… My husband has been excited about this movie for months, and he’s taken me to see all of the Twilight movies sooo I secretly bought us tickets to the 3D IMAX showing opening night… I can’t wait to surprise him on date night! 🙂

    • Rob

      Danielle, you are awesome! What a great date night. Enjoy!

  • The exciting factor about the Hulk is that he’s not your common hero. His alter-ego looks for a treat so that he will not change into the Hulk, the army is out to catch him, and if he’s not indicated in the right route he can do a lot of harm.

  • Gayle

    I “hulked out” at at York High football game last fall. Standing in line, a group of 13/14 year old girls were standing close by. One of them loudly drops the “F” bomb. My head snaps around and (without even thinking) I said “you better watch your mouth” and, yes, I did use my Mother voice.

    I watched “The Hulk” every week when I was young. Even watch reruns now and then when I see them on. However, Lou Ferrigno was even more scary – and hulked out more – on The Celebrity Apprentice. I think the steriods jacked him up. He is just plain weird now.

  • I hulk out when ever I’m under too much pressure, my anger meter maxes out, or when ever I need a boost of energy for something. I’ve seen the Hulk T.V. show, it was pretty cool. I don’t mind the purple pants – My uncle Josh (not my uncle Josh who is called J-bob) was on the computer and got the idea to make the equal opposition to Captain America: Captain Communist. Captain Communist has the abilities of anyone wearing the same clothes as him. Josh said that if Captain Communist Thor, and the Thing also wore purple pants, then Captain Communist could beat the Hulk in an arm wrestling contest.